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Publicitly exposed human machine interfaces are poor. Let's take a closer look at following examples:

  • ATMs
  • EasyPacks
  • ticket vending machines
  • interactive information boards at shop malls

List is limited to machines which I saw during short walk in Kraków. Scale up to 'The World' by yourself.

They have following issues:

  • Most of them reminds 90'. Static screens, ugly buttons, dramatically slow response. Those which looks bit better usually are based on Flash and requires powerfull hardware.
  • Used software solutions are heavily hardware dependent, so it is very hard to upgrade hardware or software separately and keeping HMI consintent. Banks are spending astonishing amounts of money just to still be able to use Windows XP on ATMs(link) - their software is Windows dependent and their hadrware is unable to run any newer version of that OS. Older EasyPack machines are not capable of running the same software as newer ones, so they looks and behaves even worse.
  • Engineering teams responsible for those systems multiplying efforts to keep their platforms and old custom solutions in usable state, yet still they often fail (TODO: add photos)


Modern Human Machine Interface.



hardware aware


platform independent




fully automated acceptance tests


Ideas are just a multiplier of execution

I'm executing that project since 2012. I have resolved major risks and produced valuable outcome:

automated Test Driven Development enviroment

usable prototype of MHMI application

usable prototype for automated acceptance testing